Durham hits record high of 83 new cases

Durham Health yesterday had a record 83 new cases. A new high since Nov 1 figure of 63 cases. This brings the Durham tally to 3,904 since the count began on February 29. Recoveries tally 3,326, up by 62.

There were 395 active covid cases in Durham as of yesterday.

  • Fourty One in Ajax
  • Sixteen in Pickering,
  • Fifteen in Whitby
  • Thirteen in Oshawa,
  • One each in Clarington and Scugog, and
  • Eleven cases are under investigation

Thirteen cases are hospitalized with one in Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and 382 people in home isolation.

Deaths so far total 183, of which 153 were in long term care homes (LTCH). The last covid-related death was announced on November 10; and previous to that, one death on October 15.

Durham Health reported the highest number of cases so far at 1,201 in Ajax, followed by 1,018 in Pickering and 658 in Oshawa.

Death Toll: No new death

Of the 89 reported deaths in Pickering, 86 were in LTCH
Of the 38 reported deaths in Ajax, 32 were in LTCH
Four deaths were reported in Whitby [none in LTCH]
Of the 23 reported deaths in Oshawa, 15 were in LTCH
Eight deaths were reported in Clarington [none in LTCH]
21 deaths were reported in Uxbridge, 20 in LTCH
No deaths have been reported in Scugog
No deaths have been reported in Brock

Note: The data were extracted from the integrated Public Health Information System at 1 pm yesterday.

Ontario Count




Durham new Covid cases drop down to 31

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2 thoughts on “Durham hits record high of 83 new cases

  1. This whole COVID thing could probably have been minimized or prevented if those in charge had procured a supply of Medical grade masks (Surgical or N95) for everyone for 28 days.

  2. Once again the whole cu-tip up the nose isn’t just faulty and deceptive but the whole health dept and people like John Henry should face capital crimes for pushing this agenda as they’re corrupt politicians only thinking about their pensions in a few short years. No integrity in government and gullible people line up to be tested with false readings.

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