Why Durham Post was not updated recently

Over the past few days, we haven’t been able to update the site as I had a series of cardiac episodes and had been hospitalised.

However, from now on we will try to update Durham Post, but may not be able to post on Facebook.

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Thank You Medical Staff

I also take this opportunity to sincerely thank the doctors and staff at Bowmanville Hospital, Centenary Hospital in Scarborough and Durham Paramedics, who battled in the early morning hours of March 25 to save my life. They fought hard to revive me after three successive heart failures – and were successful. I owe my life to them.

I remember the names of:

  • Dr J. Burnstein,
  • Nurses Matti, Elsa, Bob, Aida and Rafa
  • Doctors Burnstein, DeMello and Young, and
  • Pharmacists Lori and Patrick – all of Centenary Hospital where I was last transferred and hospitalised.

However, there were Emergency staff of Bowmanville Hospital, who were the first to attend and revive me; and Durham Paramedics who transferred me to Centenary Hospital. Thank you all.

Thank you for your patience, loyalty and understanding.

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8 thoughts on “Why Durham Post was not updated recently

  1. well welcome back, and hope that you are taking easy, and doing as your doctor and nurses advise, although I did miss your updates…… a retired RN

    1. Thank you so much – am trying to listen to medical advice [and am forced to listen to my wife’s]. But overall, yes, getting there.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH Jodi – and all your fellow Emergency staff – for all you did that night to fight for me. Were you in the ambulance with me? I’m sorry, I couldn’t get Bowmanville Hospital staff names to thank each personally. My daughter dropped off a THANK YOU card to the hospital last night. Hope you read it. Again, THANKS!

    1. Thank you so much Nurse Jodi, You kept talking to me throughout our journey to Centenary. That kept me awake, when, at that time, I only wanted to drift away. If you know them, please thank the paramedics for me and all your co-workers 🙏

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