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Work area conversions open for submissions

The Region of Durham announced that it will be reviewing requests for employment area conversions, as part of Envision Durham’s Growth Management Study.

What: The protection of the region’s supply of employment land is important to the economic vitality of Durham.

Employment Areas are lands primarily set aside for manufacturing, warehousing and industrial uses. Employment area conversion allows the designation to change, permitting the land to be used for residential purposes (homes) or other non-employment uses.

Requests for employment area conversion through the Region’s Municipal Comprehensive Review process will be evaluated, including the impact of the request on the Region’s employment land supply, before being reviewed by Regional Council for approval.

When: New and/or amended requests for employment area conversion will be accepted during a 90-day submission window, from now until September 23, 2020.

Where: Submissions should be made directly via email to EnvisionDurham@durham.ca and must include a completed Submission Form, location map, and any other supporting documentation. The form is available on the project web page at durham.ca/EnvisionDurham.

Why: The purpose of an employment area conversion may be:

  • To re-designate Employment Areas to a Living Areas designation (mainly residential uses)
  • To establish a new Regional Centre or define a Major Transit Station Area within which a mix of residential and other compatible employment uses would be permitted; or
  • To permit other uses that are not permitted within Employment Areas, such as a major retail use


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