The awardees. Images couurtesy Clarington

Clarington honours 31 students for academic excellence

Clarington’s 23rd annual Awards for Academic Excellence were presented to local students from schools across the municipality to celebrate their academic achievements, commitment to leadership and community service.

The awards were presented by Mayor Adrian Foster recently.

The following 14 elementary school students were recognized and presented with a personal framed certificate:

  1. Central Public School – Taylor Smith
  2. Clarington Central Intermediate School – Monisha Kuna
  3. Courtice Intermediate School – Erin Jennings
  4. Courtice North Public School – Samaira Kapoor
  5. Good Shepherd Catholic Elementary School – Paige Worden
  6. Holy Family Catholic Elementary School – Joe Ajesh Gnanapragasam
  7. Knox Christian School – Tomisin Adesanmi
  8. Monsignor Leo Cleary Catholic Elementary School – Stephanie Adelanwa
  9. St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School – Chelsea McConnell
  10. St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School – Payton Stockwell
  11. St. Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School – Logan Forbes
  12. The Pines Senior Public School – William Bongard
  13. Vincent Massey Public School – Hannah Hall
  14. Waverley Public School – Hayden Pomfret

The following secondary school students were acknowledged and presented with a personal framed certificate and a bursary:

  1. Clarington Central Secondary School – Sehrish Veerani
  2. Clarke High School – Priyanka Chote
  3. Courtice Secondary School – Annie Mills
  4. Durham Christian High School – Tise Osunsanya
  5. Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School – John Walchuk
  6. St. Stephen Catholic Secondary School – Noemie Nyemb

Several students could not attend the council meeting due to conflicting schedules. However, their names were still read out to recognize their achievement:

  1. Bowmanville High School – Caitlin Dalziel
  2. Dr. Emily Stowe Public School – Briar Isherwood
  3. Dr. Ross Tilley Public School – Muhammad Bin-Yasir
  4. Duke of Cambridge Public School – Kiril Soltesz
  5. Harold Longworth Public School – Diya Gokul-Nathan
  6. John M. James Public School – Grace Elsden
  7. Lydia Trull Public School – Kayleigh Trommeshauser
  8. M.J. Hobbs Senior Public School – Nathan Burnett
  9. S.T. Worden Public School – Morgan Martin
  10. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Elementary School – Cadence Tello
Clarington Diversity Leadership Bursary awarded

Jenae Heron-Kelly is pictured with Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster and Regional Councillor Granville Anderson.

Jenae Heron-Kelly, a Grade 12 student at St. Stephen Catholic Secondary School in Bowmanville, was recognized by the mayor and cCouncil as the inaugural recipient of the Municipality of Clarington’s Diversity Leadership Bursary.

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