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High School Racism: Nine more students come forward

Durham Police yesterday said the investigation into racist and inappropriate content in a high school yearbook is continuing.

It announced that nine other students have come forward to say their profiles were also tampered with. The school is recalling all the yearbooks.

Joshua Telemaque’s tribute to his grandmother in Pickering’s St. Mary Catholic Secondary School’s yearbook, was replaced with a racist comment. He was commended by the Town of Ajax on his 18th birthday [see below].

DRPS said the West Division Criminal Investigations Bureau (CIB) interviewed faculty and students at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Pickering this week to determine who was responsible for a racist yearbook entry involving a student. A quotation originally provided by the student had been switched out by person(s) unknown.

Nine other students who brought their yearbooks back said their submitted quotations were also changed, without their knowledge. However, only one other entry had racist overtones. One female student was criticized about body image; and another for his school grades. These nine students were a mixture of female and male, from various cultural backgrounds, police said.

Our investigation continues and we would like to speak with anyone who knows the person(s) responsible. In order to advance this investigation, West Division CIB is asking anyone with information to step forward and call D/Cst. MacKinnon at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 2529.


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