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How to send money to Ukraine from Canada the reliable way

Sending packages between countries is no longer a big deal. People from all over the world exchange gifts, send their stuff, and offer help globally.

And just like packages, people often send money, too. Today, we’re diving into how to send money to Ukraine from Canada. With the advancements in banking and money transfer systems, so many options are available that it can be challenging to figure out the cheapest way to send money from Canada to Ukraine.

With extensive experience in international transfers, Meest Canada will reveal all the secrets of sending money from one country to another.

Cheap Money Transfers to Ukraine: Know the Difference

how to send money to Ukraine from CanadaBank transfers, electronic transfer systems, and other methods have terms and fees. If you make an online transaction, the process usually wraps up quickly, and you could have your money in hand the same day. Some even offer express delivery, promising super-speedy service.

A bank transfer might take anywhere from one to three days. To ensure a swift and secure transfer, you must have all the recipient’s details handy, like their account or wallet number. Plus, the higher the amount you’re sending, the more you might be charged for the transfer, and the bank will likely ask for some form of ID.

Online transfers seem like the winner, but on the flip side, working with a bank is generally more reliable. Especially since many banks offer mobile apps, like Privat24, which allow you to withdraw money without even setting foot in a bank. So, what’s the best choice?

Sending Money to Ukraine from Canada with Meest

send money to the UkraineMeest is all about taking care of its customers, offering more and more ways to send and receive money transfers in a way that’s convenient for you. Right now, you can support your friends in Ukraine in a couple of ways:

  • Aval and PrivatBank branches have already stopped accepting money transfers through Meest. Privat24 lets you transfer money without leaving your house using a money transfer code. Opt for this method; you’ll receive the total amount the next day, even if you’re not a bank client.
  • You can also have funds delivered to the recipient’s home address via courier. This option takes a bit longer, usually over 3 days, but you’ll feel secure knowing your money’s at home with you, and you can even get it in the currency you prefer.

When choosing a method, you’re probably considering the timing, the cost, and the convenience of the service. All the prices are listed in a handy table on Meest website under the ‘Send money to Ukraine’ section.

How to Get a Money Transfer in Ukraine Quickly?

How can you ensure your friend or brother in Ukraine quickly gets the money? Courier delivery isn’t the fastest option — that’s more about comfort and security. So, using a bank is your best way to send money to Ukraine. Many people choose Privat24 for their transfers and are pretty happy with it.

So, there are plenty of ways to send money overseas. Check out the different methods, compare them, and pick the one that suits you best. Each comes with its charges and conditions, but that shouldn’t stop you from helping out your loved ones or friends with some cash. Head to the website, review the transfer rules and fees and send money from Canada in a way that works for you.

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