Kawartha adds 270 hectares of ‘protected nature’

Kawartha Lakes: Canada is doubling the amount of nature protected in our lands and oceans.

One of the measures is its $215,000 investment to help protect the Cation Wildlife Preserve with the Kawartha Land Trust. This means an additional 270 hectares of protected nature in Canada.

Funding for this project comes from the single biggest investment in nature in Canadian history, the $1.3bn Canada Nature Legacy. Contributions for every project like the Cation Wildlife Preserve are matched by partner organizations.

This is just part of a broad range of conservation work occurring across the country which will help Canada meet its 2020 conservation targets, advance reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, protect and recover species at risk, and improve biodiversity for all.

“Canada is home to some of the largest expanses of natural spaces in the world. We have to work together in nature conservation and in the fight against climate change. Building and supporting conservation partnerships with other levels of government and environmental organizations through the Canada Nature Fund we can make important progress that will help protect our environment and grow our economy. The Kawartha Land Trust is making a significant contribution to protecting land and biodiversity in Canada,” said Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

Quick Facts:

  • Funding for this significant environmental initiative was provided through the Canada Nature Fund, a $500 million investment to support the efforts of partners whose commitment is critical to achieving success in nature conservation.
  • Canada Nature Fund contributions are matched by philanthropic foundations, corporations, not-for-profits, provinces, territories and other partners, to raising a total of $1 billion for conservation action.
  • The Canada Nature Fund supports protection of Canada’s ecosystems, landscapes, biodiversity, and species at risk.
  • The Government of Canada is committed to doubling the amount of protected nature, in our lands and waters, across Canada.
  • This project is part of a broad range of conservation work occurring across the country that will help Canada meet its 2020 conservation targets

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