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Officers rescue three people from Lake Ontario

Three DRPS officers jumped into Lake Ontario to rescue two stranded paddle boarders on Sunday, as well as a third person in distress who had attempted an initial rescue.

On Sunday, September 6, officers were called to the area of Montgomery Park in Pickering to assist two people in distress. A male and female on a paddle boat were approximately 60 metres into Lake Ontario and calling for help. Two civilians had also entered the water in kayaks in an attempt to assist them, said a police statement.

When police arrived on scene, one of the kayakers came back out of the water due to fatigue and the other kayaker was in distress, hanging onto an overturned kayak. The two initial parties in distress were hanging onto a paddleboard, police said.

The three responding officers quickly entered the water, while a fourth stood by on the beach to guard the officers’ gear that was left behind. The officers were able to reach the three distressed parties and bring them to shore safely with the assistance of two other kayakers. No one required medical attention, the statement said.

It said DRPS would like to remind those using local waters to do so safely and be mindful of their abilities and equipment. Always wear a personal floatation device when entering deep water and be wary of currents that can take you far away from shore.


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