Temporary cycle lanes open on Prestonvale Road

Clarington Council has opened temporary bike lanes on Prestonvale Road from Robert Adams Drive to Glenabbey Drive in  Courtice. It has also authorized a bike-friendly zone from Glenabbey Drive to Southfield Avenue.

These temporary measures will be in place until the end of August and will allow residents to enjoy cycling outdoors while practising physical distancing. Signs will be placed marking these routes.

To avoid the narrow section of Prestonvale Road that is not wide enough to support both inexperienced cyclists and cars, staff have recommended an alternate route so that residents can reach the designated bike lanes just south of Bloor Street. The recommended route will also have signage and will take residents through a series of side streets that are safe to ride on and can accommodate both cyclists and cars, said a council statement.

Prestonvale Road Bike Lane Route

“During this pandemic, many residents are taking up a variety of activities; if you are new to cycling in the municipality, we have some tools and resources that will provide you with safety tips. All cyclists must know the rules, have the appropriate equipment, stay visible and be safe,” it added.

Tools and resources:

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One thought on “Temporary cycle lanes open on Prestonvale Road

  1. Great to see this happening, I live in Courtice and have seen a real uptick in the amount of people and families out bicycling probably more than 100% increase from other years. It’s wonderful to see families out exploring their neighbourhoods by walking and bicycling and actually seeing hi-to their neighbours

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