PCD Hawk. Image courtesy DRPS.

Violent offender tracked and apprehended by PSD Hawk

Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) K-9 Unit, reported several apprehensions with the help of its canny K9 team, over the past few days.

On Sunday, a hiding violent offender was tracked, located and apprehended by police service dog, PSD Hawk and his handler.

PC Wright and K9 Hawk searched a house for a violent offender. Hawk was deployed to search, locating and apprehending the concealed suspect, said a K-9 Unit tweet.

On a related call, PC Wayne King and K9 Rogue tracked and located a suspect involved in a multiple criminal offence incident, it added.

PSD Rouge.

The day before, DRPS Central East Division officers responded to a Break & Enter call at a car wash.

K9 Flex was deployed to search the building, promptly locating the perpetrator hiding behind a closed door upstairs. Flex quickly “talked” him into surrendering. One person in custody, said another K-9 Unit tweet.

PSD Flex.

On January 7, PC Wes King and K9 Klutch apprehended a suspect after he broke away from officers during his arrest.

When he refused to stop, Klutch was deployed to apprehend the fleeing suspect, enabling officers to safely take the male into custody without further incident.

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