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Blockchain Futurist Conference coming to Toronto in August

The Blockchain Futurist Conference is one of the largest and longest-running Web3 conferences in the world, discussing cutting-edge developments in this space.

In 2024, the sixth annual conference will return to Toronto from the 13th to the 14th of August, just a short trip away from the Durham area. A new press release has announced what attendees can expect at the event, detailed below.

Blockchain Adoption Continues

The return of the Blockchain Futurist Conference isn’t a surprise for those following this space. Blockchain adoption is still ongoing, slowly but steadily, and it isn’t disappearing any time soon. Technology like cryptocurrency is the top of the spear, introducing many industries to the revolutionary trust-enforcing system that has profound use cases in our digital society.

Unsurprisingly, trusted cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum lead the pack. They are accepted by many online businesses including Microsoft and PayPal, with more surely to follow. Other industries like iGaming also use them in place of casino chips, as a digital, instantly transferrable currency. This has led to the Ethereum casino for crypto holders, which is filled with the same games you’d find at other online casinos like slots, blackjack, and roulette. Over time, different companies will find new and interesting ways to integrate cryptocurrency into their business models. Cryptocurrency isn’t necessary to adopt the blockchain, but it has driven most early blockchain adoption so far.

The Blockchain Futurist Conference, 2024

In Canada, the Blockchain Futurist Conference has championed Web3 and all of its components, from cryptocurrency and the blockchain to more ambitious pursuits like the metaverse. Now they are returning to the Rebel Entertainment Complex on Toronto’s Polson Pier, where they are expecting over 6,500 attendees interested in the latest blockchain developments.

The conference covers a lot more than just Web3 and blockchain, it also covers intimately related fields like decentralised finance, the fast-growing generative AI space, and even robotics.

Over 200 speakers are expected, including Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio, Coinbase’s Canadian Country Director Lucas Matheson and more light-hearted thought leaders like Shytoshi Kusama of the Shiba Inu project. Alongside the usual suspects from the blockchain space, prominent companies like Apple, Amazon, Shopify, Mastercard, Visa, and Goldman Sachs will also be in attendance.

Besides the speakers, there will be hackathons run by ETHToronto, book signings with prominent thought leaders and relaxed lounges on-site. In total, 15 sub-events will be hosted across three different staging areas over the two-day event. A lot of those events are geared toward bringing people into the Web3 community, like a blockchain boot camp explaining how digital ledgers work. There’s also an NFT art showcase that delves into the world of tokenised assets that are distinct and unique when compared to cryptocurrency projects.

Canada’s own WonderFi will also play a prominent role in the conference as a sponsor. President and CEO Dean Skurka will be present and, per his own comments, WonderFi “look forward to showcasing Canada’s vibrant crypto community with another great week of networking and events”.

The conference has gained more momentum with each passing year. While the 2024 conference expects upwards of 6,500 people, the 2023 event welcomed more than 10,000 attendees. If those numbers track, residents can expect Toronto and the Southern Ontario area to get a lot busier in the coming August.

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