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Clarington asks for funding to go greener

Clarington Council is asking both the federal and provincial governments to assist with post-Covid-19 economic recovery efforts by investing in and promoting a green economy.

As the province slowly reopens and we head into Stage 2, the need to revitalize and rebuild Clarington’s economy is paramount, said a council statement.

Clarington Council wants to begin our recovery by taking leadership and promoting a transition to environmentally sustainable economic efforts. Council voted to support programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs by helping residents and businesses retrofit existing home and buildings using energy-efficient measures that promote climate resiliency, the statement said.

Clarington Council is asking the other levels of government to come together and invest in a variety of initiatives that support reducing greenhouse gas emissions and support climate mitigation efforts, those include:

  • Help restoring forests, streams, rivers, wetlands and coastal ecosystems that support our community by providing clean air, water and long-term carbon storage;
  • Investment into accessible public transportation in Clarington’s rural and urban areas, as well as in cycling and pedestrian infrastructure to support active transportation;
  • Creation of an Environmental Bill of Rights to support the notion that each person has a right to clean air, water and a healthy environment;
  • Moving away from our reliance on the fossil fuel industry;
  • Investment in local, renewable energy production;
  • Help for the local agricultural sector to lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with food production;
  • Support for waste reduction initiatives;
  • Financial aid for municipalities and businesses to support local job creation, support local services, increase local food security and implement sustainable business practices;

Council’s resolution has been sent to other Ontario Municipalities for their support.

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