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Clarington joins municipal voices asking for grants

Clarington has joined other municipal voices in asking the provincial and the federal governments for funding assistance during Covid-19 pandemic.

Local municipalities are incurring financial losses due to the pandemic and are not permitted to run deficits; they are also limited in their ability to access the same borrowing and financial tools as more senior levels of government, said a municipal media release.

Clarington Council has endorsed several different motions from other municipalities asking for funding support from the provincial and federal governments to assist municipalities during the pandemic, said the release issued following the latest council meeting.

Clarington is supporting a letter from the Township of Brock asking for money to support the day-to-day operations for municipalities in the form of municipal-specific grants. Clarington also endorsed several motions from the City of Oshawa, asking for financial assistance.

Clarington has also endorsed several motions asking for a Commercial Rent Assistance Program to help those tenants who cannot make their payments and are facing imminent eviction, the  release said.

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to have a significant impact on global economies and people. Increasingly, municipalities are asking for funding assistance to help deal with the impact of lost revenues so that they are able to continue to provide the services residents expect.



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