Bear's images courtesy Pickering Animal Services.

Dog in need: Help Bear get a prosthetic leg

City of Pickering Animal Services staff are giving a local stray dog, named Bear, hope for the future as they are providing him with a new prosthetic leg.

Bear was picked up by Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville officers and brought to the Pickering Animal Shelter for safe keeping, following a stray dog call for the area of Woodbine Avenue and Vivian Road.

Bear had a severe skin and eye infection, a tight collar that was causing him to lose hair, and was missing his left back leg.

Staff worked with Applied Biomechanics Orthotics and Bracing to size Bear for his new prosthetic leg, which will give the large-breed dog a better quality of life.

“Bear was amazing at his first appointment. He was calm and patient; as if he knew and appreciated what we were doing for him,” said Lindsey Narraway, Supervisor, Pickering Animal Services. “We are worried about the long-term effect on his hips and other leg. Once completed, his prosthetic will take the pressure off his other legs, allowing him to go for longer walks and to live a longer and happy life.”

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