Durham Region HQ to be lit in blue and green

The Durham Regional Headquarters will be lit blue and green from October 18 to 24 in celebration of Waste Reduction Week, said a statement.

The Regional Municipality of Durham is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Waste Reduction Week (WRW) in Canada from October 18 to 24. It said each day of the week will have a different theme focused on the efforts of the region and its residents to reduce waste through daily actions.

The program will highlight the principles of a circular economy, resource efficiency and waste reduction. The primary goal of the week is to celebrate environmental efforts and achievements while encouraging innovative new ideas and solutions.

Daily Themes:

Monday, October 18 – Circular Economy and Kick-off
Tuesday, October 19 – Textiles
Wednesday, October 20 – E-waste
Thursday, October 21 – Plastics
Friday, October 22 – Food Waste
Saturday, October 23 – Sharing Economy
Sunday, October 24 – Swap and Repair

The 2021 to 2040 Long-term Waste Management Plan (Waste Plan) is focused on rethinking and reducing the waste, managing resources and finding opportunities to create energy from waste.

Residents are encouraged to learn more about WRW by following the region’s Twitter and Facebook and using the hashtags #DurhamWaste and #WasteReductionWeek. For more information about waste reduction in Durham Region, visit durham.ca/waste.


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One thought on “Durham Region HQ to be lit in blue and green

  1. What is there to celebrate is Durham reached a 100% with the recycling.
    Total waste of money and time this is what happens when people in Durham don’t get out and vote.
    We get silly elected officials Who hiring pay people to do silly things.
    Is how about celebrating when you reach a real goal like a 100% recycling.
    How about celebrating when you can actually make rules and buy laws that protect the people of Durham.
    How about celebrating when you know how to organize yourself without taking money from others
    The only thing that’s truly being celebrated here is their own agenda to their own pockets.
    Congratulations to all those at the headquarters it is true bullshit does baffle brain.

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