Public input to help map Downtown enhancements

Oshawa residents, businesses and community members were invited to share their feedback on Phase Three of the King Street Streetscape Project on Connect Oshawa (

Feedback was received until noon on Thursday, July 8, 2021, and will be considered in the development of the final design for the King Street Streetscape Project Phase 3.

This phase follows the pilot project that began in 2018 with public consultation where the City sought feedback regarding three design options for the widening of the sidewalk on the north side of King Street East between Ontario Street and Mary Street North, as well as the second phase of King Street East, constructed in 2020 between Simcoe Street North and Ontario Street.

The third phase of the project focuses on the widening of the sidewalk on the north side of King Street West between Simcoe Street North and Prince Street. The widening will allow for additional space for pedestrians, landscaping, outdoor patios/cafes, streetscape amenities and businesses.

The Streetscape Design Vision guides the development of public areas downtown and includes specifications for benches, trash receptacles, greenery and more while also investigating opportunities like sidewalk widening.

“The King Street East Streetscape project addresses our long range goals of creating a welcoming and pedestrian-friendly downtown Oshawa for our residents, visitors and businesses,” said Oshawa Mayor Dan Carter. “With strong residential growth projected in Oshawa’s downtown core, this phase of the project complements the progress we have made in rejuvenating our downtown with walkable and accessible spaces to live, work and play.”

“With wider more inviting sidewalk spaces, this third and final phase of the King Street East Streetscape project tangibly advances our City one step closer to achieving our vision of a vibrant downtown Oshawa with pedestrian-focused and landscaped spaces where community members can enjoy more amenities like outdoor patios and cafes,” said Councillor Tito-Dante Marimpietri, Chair of the Development Services Committee. “This added community curb appeal will continue to attract new businesses, welcome visitors and embrace homebuyers to our city and is ultimately yet one more exciting reason to invest in Oshawa as Toronto’s most dynamic and sought-after neighbour.”

“The continued enhancement of our downtown is vital to its ongoing development as a pedestrian-friendly space as the number of residential units continues to grow in our downtown. This growth and enhancement will continue to encourage new and different businesses and employment opportunities to flourish to meet the increasing needs for such services by both the new and existing residents as well as the new and existing businesses and their employees. Exciting times ahead!” said Councillor Rick Kerr, Ward 4 Regional & City Councillor.

“We’re continuing to reimagine and transform our downtown into a place that adds value to the pedestrian experience, a hallmark of vibrant urban spaces around the world. Your continued input is vital to the ongoing transformation,” said Councillor Derek Giberson, Ward 4 City Councillor.


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