How to register your home cams with Durham Police

Residents and business owners in Durham Region now have the option to register their security cameras with Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS).

Doing so may assist our officers when they are investigating a crime that takes place in range of the cameras, said a police media release.

Following a crime, officers canvass a neighbourhood looking for any surveillance images that may have been captured. When cameras are registered, officers can see who may have captured video in the area. This secure, confidential registration will allow police to quickly locate cameras after a crime occurs and contact owners for surveillance footage. While canvassing is a necessary part of any investigation, registering of cameras will help streamline the often lengthy process, it added.

The voluntary registry does not mean officers automatically have access to your footage, they must still ask for permission to view and use any footage. When information is used, any personal information (owner’s name, address etc.) will remain confidential.

When registering it’s important to include the location of your camera(s), the direction they are pointed, file-sharing ability and video retention times.

How To: To register your camera please visit and from the menu along the top click on Online Reporting – Report A Crime – Security Camera Registry.

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