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In our age of personalisation businesses need to collect data

Do you ever get the feeling that your phone is listening to you, and that adverts pop up for services or products you’re thinking about? This is due to data-driven marketing, and it has completely revolutionised the advertising space.

This concept of showing people exactly what they want to see has spilled out into entertainment as well. Now, streaming sites and online casinos recommend options to users. Business owners need to take this on board and collect as much data on customers as possible. That’s because the era of bespoke internet experiences for individual users is almost upon us.

Entertainment sites gear their offerings to specific users

Even before the advent of mainstream AI, some of the world’s biggest entertainment sites were putting algorithms to good use. Netflix collects a vast amount of user data and then applies this knowledge to make suggestions to individuals. It’s fairly accurate in showing recommendations that people are most likely going to want to watch.

Spotify is another great example of this. The more music you listen to on the app, the more data it has to provide you with options that it thinks you will like. It’s incredibly effective as well, and even organises songs based on genre into separate daily mixes.

The online casino industry is another place in which bespoke content is also used. In the casino Ontario online market, the leading sites will list their slot games predominantly at the top of the page. Returning players will see titles recommended based on their past activity at the top of the page. These could include games like Wild Swarm, Cash Strike, and Napoleon 2: Fat Stacks.

Artificial Intelligence will make the process easier

Artificial Intelligence has already taken the world by storm and shown its capabilities. The amazing thing is that it’s still in its early days and it’s going to get exponentially better over the next few years. Algorithms have been dealing with vast amounts of data and making recommendations up to now. Soon, advancements in AI could take this concept to a whole new level.

There’s likely to soon be a rise in AI-generated online experiences that are geared to specific users. Someone’s internet browsing history will be used to shape their future browsing and show them exactly what they want to see.

Businesses need to get on board

Amazon already uses big data to improve the user experience, it would be wise for small businesses to do something similar.

It’s a great idea to collect as much customer data as possible, as this information can be used to target others in the future. Soon, it may be possible to apply an AI model to this side of the business, and it could lead to personalised experiences for everyone visiting your site.

Soon, personalised online experiences will become the norm. When AI advances and can be applied to any business, it will be possible for individual users to find bespoke offerings everywhere. Businesses should try to get ahead by collecting data now.

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