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Lindsey Park letter controversy deepens; resigns, talks of ‘my successor’ MPP

Clarifies on how she lost her parliamentary role

Lindsey Park, Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) from Durham has resigned from Progressive Conservatives (PC) and said the “successor” for her seat at Queen’s Park will continue her work for the community.

“I know the people of Durham will elect a member of provincial parliament as my successor who will continue the important community projects we have advanced during my term and start new ones that will continue to make Durham one of the best places to live, work and raise a family,” Park said in the middle of a more than 1000-words open statement.

The 43rd Ontario general election is to be held on or before June 2, 2022.

Park also outlined how she came to lose her role as Parliamentary Assistant to the Ontario Attorney General on grounds of “misrepresentation” of her vaccination status.

“I have wrestled with whether to share publicly the events that transpired leading up to the false statement made by the Government House Leader and my removal as Parliamentary Assistant to the Attorney General of Ontario. I believe that the people who elected me as their member of provincial parliament deserve to know the truth. For this reason, I have decided to write this statement to clarify the timeline of events and the reason for my medical exemption,” she said.

“On August 10th, in a call with advisors to the premier, I communicated that I had thought about it and decided I was going to get the vaccine. Following this communication, I booked the soonest available appointment with my doctor. After meeting with my doctor, my doctor advised that I should not take any Covid-19 vaccines due to my personal medical history and provided a written exemption.

“My doctor provided a medical exemption due to a severe allergic reaction in my past to a flu vaccine. I also have a family medical history where one of my grandparents developed a Guillian-Barre syndrome following a flu vaccine. Since my medical exemption was issued, the Ministry of Health has provided further guidance on medical exemptions where they suggest being referred to an allergist in my circumstances. My doctor has since taken steps to refer me to an allergist. I’m currently awaiting an appointment date.

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