Urban Provincial Park in Uxbridge

After Urban Park, it’s mini forests coming up in Uxbridge

The Township of Uxbridge has announced it will be partnering with the Rotary Club of Uxbridge and Little Forests Durham on the development of a mini-forest at the Fields of Uxbridge.

This follows the opening of the what could be Ontario’s first provincial urban park in Uxbridge on Canada Day (see below).

A mini-forest is a densely planted community of native trees and plants in a small area the size of a tennis court. These forests hold many benefits as they grow 10 times faster, sequester carbon dioxide up to 30 times better, and are 20-100 times more biodiverse than conventionally planted forests, said a township notice.

To create the mini-forest, the site will be prepared by laying down cardboard, spreading compost and mulch, and allowing these materials to settle over the next few months before planting in the fall.

Two mini-forests will be planted at the Fields of Uxbridge in two separate phases over two years. Site preparation for the first phase was scheduled to begin on July 6th, and the tree planting is to take place this fall. The second phase will begin with site preparation in the Spring of 2025 and planting in the fall of 2025, said the township.

This project is financially supported by Green Communities Canada (in partnership with the Greenbelt Foundation) and the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority.

For more information about this project, please email trails@uxbridge.ca.

Ontario’s first Urban Park opens in Uxbridge on Canada Day

Uxbridge to host Ontario’s first Urban Provincial Park

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