Could you stop if you saw a deer in headlights? Images courtesy DRPS

Motorcyclist was speeding because he was too cold

DRPS Traffic Services yesterday asked if you think you would have enough time to stop if a deer ran onto the road?

This rhetorical question was raised after officers caught a driver zipping away at 119kmh on an 80-road at night (top image).

The incident took place at Brock Road and Pickering Concession Road 8.

DRPS Traffic Services may have heard many excuses, but this one may be a rare one.

“This motorcyclist… stated he was just speeding because it’s cold out,” said the officers who stopped the rider.

The person was just was 1km away from stunt driving charges, and still received a notable fine (image below).

“Ride safe, and follow the rules,” the police advised.


Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) officer from the East Division were in Enniskillen on Tuesday and yesterday doing stop sign enforcement.

To their surprise, more than 45 people failed to stop (see below image).

This violation brings a $110 fine and three demerit points.

“Be sure to come to a full and complete stop,” said the police.


Back on Brock Road and Pickering Concession Road 7 in the City of Pickering, this fast car (below) was clocked at 146kmh in a posted 80-zone.

It went out of control and landed in the roadside ditch. Luckily or amazingly no injuries.

Stunt Driving, Speeding & Careless charges. Licence suspended and motor vehicle impounded.


Meanwhile, DRPS West Division officers were out at Valley Farm, which is a 50kmh zone, in Pickering, Ajax area.

Police deployed a radar trailer (image below).



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