Volunteers (left to right) Ann Joyner, Isia Yeo and Katherine Mathewson tend to the flower garden beds on the north side of Oshawa City Hall as part of the Adopt-a-Garden Program

Oshawa City Hall gardens to Feed the Need

Oshawa has announced an Adopt-a-Garden Program for the 2020 garden season that is seeing the city partner with Durham Master Gardeners, Oshawa Garden Club and Feed the Need Durham.

Through the program, nine of the annual garden beds on the north side of City Hall have been converted from flower gardens to vegetable garden projects led by the Oshawa Garden Club and Durham Master Gardeners, said a city statement.

Durham Master Gardeners and Oshawa Garden Club along with their volunteers are planting, maintaining and harvesting the giving gardens that will produce fresh vegetables for donation to Feed the Need Durham.

“Fresh produce is one of the areas most needed at Feed the Need Durham. This local, cooperative project will help to fill that need,” said Councillor Rick Kerr, Chair of the Community Services Committee.

“The global challenges being faced during this pandemic have led many of us to think of ways that we can re-localize parts of our economy and work locally to solve local challenges. It’s great to see our City working with gardening groups to fill gaps in fresh food access for those in need,” said Councillor Derek Giberson, Vice-Chair of the Community Services Committee.

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