Poll: Should Durham 2020 taxes be rolled back?

Should the 2020 tax increases announced by the Region of Durham and local municipalities, be rolled back as a Covid-19 pandemic relief measure for residents?

Have your say!

The Government of Canada has announced a $82 billion relief package to mitigate the hardships caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, while Ontario government has set aside a $100 million response fund. These are in addition to several measures such as extending validity of essential services like health cards and driving licences, waiver of sick notes, employment insurance etc.

Durham Region has set up an Economic Task Force. It has also announced waiver of penalties on delayed payments, as have Ajax and Oshawa.

But, one day or the other, the dues will have to be paid.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, both local and Durham Region taxes had been raised for 2020 [see below].

Do let your voice be heard.

Region budget adds 2.42% to your property tax bill

2.3% rise in Durham water and sewer rates in 2020

2.03% rise in Oshawa city property tax approved

Whitby residents to pay $8.90 more each month

Ajax tax goes up by 2.55% in 2020 budget

Clarington residents to see 2.2% rise in tax bill

Mitigation Efforts

Durham forms task force to help businesses

Oshawa waives tax penalties for 60 days

Ajax tax penalties waived for 60 days: mayor

No unpaid bills shut-offs, free parking, rides

Car, DL, health card renewals extended

Canada $82bn plan to help workers, businesses

Durham asks Trudeau, Ford for urgent help

Job protection for workers during pandemic

$100m fund, schools closed for Covid-19


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One thought on “Poll: Should Durham 2020 taxes be rolled back?

  1. This is extremely irresponsible to put out a survey like this as it’s a no win situation. Of course most people are going to vote yes, that’s a no brainer. Problem is, you haven’t told people the difference between municipal and federal/provincial budgets. First and most important, municipalities can’t run a deficit. Our costs need to be covered. Second, property taxes are virtually our only source of revenue. Fees from casinos and rec centre programs have stopped with the closing of these facilities. Third, municipalities are provincially mandated to maintain certain service levels like policing, ambulance, fire, snow removal, garbage collection, water and sewer etc… Finally, all of our budgets are passed. In order to modify at this point councils will have to reconvene and reconsider which is difficult on a good day but nearly impossible while operating with minimum staff or working from home. My 2 cents. Be well.

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