10% says no to 2020 Durham tax roll-back

The one-day snap poll conducted online by Durham Post shows a large majority of respondents in favour of rolling back the 2020 tax increases under the current climate of uncertainty.

More than half of the respondents [52 per cent] said yes to a rollback of the 2020 local municipal and Region of Durham tax increases plus a relief cut, to cope with the impact of Covid-19.

Almost 40 per cent of the respondents [38.19 per cent] said they were in favour of the 2020 increase being rolled back, but did not vote for further relief.

Almost 10 per cent (9.7%) voted nay to any roll-back or relief cut to local and regional taxes.

Note: The one-day poll received 150 responses. The poll is now closed.



Poll: Should Durham 2020 taxes be rolled back?

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