Township moves on second access roads to Scugog Island

Figure 1
Figure 1

The Township of Scugog has announced that it is preparing an addendum to the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) Study and a detailed design for proposed second access roads to Scugog Island.

The original EA was completed in June 2007 and identified two road links to provide a second access to Scugog Island. The southern link extends from Highway 7A to Reader Road, and the northern link extends from Ma Brown’s Road to Pine Point Road, as shown in Figure 1.

The purpose of the EA Addendum is to review the planning and design process and the current environmental conditions to ensure that the project and the previously identified mitigation measures are still valid, said the township.

It invited residents to participate, saying that an important component of this study is public and agency consultation.

An Online Public Information Centre (PIC) is being held on the township’s website starting on July 28. As part of this event, presentations will be posted online to provide members of the public and stakeholders with an opportunity to review the study background, alternative solutions, evaluations, recommended alternatives, and the next steps in the study.

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