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Tweetalong: Baby rescued, racing on Hwy 7 + more

DRPS Traffic Services yesterday were on a tweetalong recording mostly speeding and stunt driving cases.

However, they also rescued a baby from a car on a hot day, and headed to check out reports of racing on Highway 7.

“It’s currently 31 degrees outside,” said one of the tweets. It said officers from Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) West Division rescued a baby locked in a car.

“It’s always good to check your back seat. Never leave pets or children in the car on hot days like today,” said the tweet.

In another tweet, the DRPS Traffic Services said: “We have just received reports of cars racing on Highway 7 in Whitby. We are enroute to check the area”.

No further details were provided.

From then on, it was mostly speeding, some in construction areas.

A motor vehicle was stopped for stunt driving in a 60kmh construction zone in the City of Pickering. Please slow down and keep our construction workers safe!

Another pointed out that speeding fines are doubled in work zones when workers are present. This driver (below) was clocked going 97kmh in a 60 work zone. Please slow down in construction zones.

The tweetalong covered most parts of Durham. We are now enroute to DRPS North Division to monitor for aggressive driving.

North Division Traffic charged a motorist with stunt – excessive speed, including a 30-day licence suspension and a 14-day vehicle impound. Please obey the rules of the road, said a tweet.

The officers also made their way to Oshawa and it didn’t take long to issue a speeding ticket. They caught a driver doing 77kmh in 50-zone. That cost the driver $131.25 and three demerit points.

Another driver was stopped for stunt driving on Lake Ridge Road. Multiple charges were laid. It’s hot! Turn on your AC and please slow down! 116km in an 80kmh zone will cost you $271 and 4 demerit points, said another tweet.

Traffic Tip: Slow down and move over for police, fire, ambulance and tow trucks on roadside. If you don’t, you could face $490 fine and 3 demerit points.

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