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What enforcement would you like to see us perform: DRPS

Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) yesterday issued a call to residents asking them to suggest what type of enforcement the community would like to see the officers perform.

The call was issued by DRPS West Division during  their continuing proactive patrols in Ajax and Pickering.

“We are reminding drivers that tinted plate covers carry a $110 dollar fine. This driver was charged [image above], said police.

Vehicle taken off the road: Meanwhile, East Divison officers took a vehicle off the roads following a stop on King Street West and Roenigk Drive in Bowmanville, Clarington.

Motor vehicle taken off the roadway due to being unsafe: Defective brakes, no muffler, improper tires, no mudguards, modified headlamps and unnecessary noise,” said police.

871 tickets in one week: This past week, DRPS East Division officers held an ‘in The Zone’ initiative as children headed back to school from March Break.

Over the five-day initiative, 871 tickets were issued, ranging from bylaw infractions to failing to stop for a school bus.

481 tickets: Last week North Division officers conducted an ‘In the Zone’, back to school safety initiative.

They issued 481 tickets, 47 cautions, 5 suspensions and 1 stunt driving charge.

North Division traffic conducted enforcement in Seagrave, Scugog, yesterday morning.

Please obey the speed limit, they said.

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3 thoughts on “What enforcement would you like to see us perform: DRPS

  1. Less funding for the police and more funding for mental health services. My elderly neighbour doesn’t need the cops called on him when he’s having an episode he needs a mental health professional

  2. I am discusted that you can not stop abusive, blantent vehical mufflers noise and now backfires.
    Citizens have no rights anymore !
    No one is in charge.
    Speeding and noise complaint was sluffed off when I complained to Bowmanville city hall.
    I was told that’s the polices 🚔

  3. I’d like to see security officers or police on public transit on early morning or on late night buses so women traveling alone would be safe, not harassed and not stalked by predators under the influence.

    Twice I’ve had to pay $30 for a cab to get to work, call in late because someone on a bus wouldn’t take rejection, my moving to sit near the bus driver as a sign to leave me alone.

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