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What the Ontario budget means for Durham

Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan yesterday listed some of the benefits from the tabled Ontario Budget 2022 for Pickering, and the Region of Durham.

Apart from the approval of funding for GO Train’s Lakeshore East extension from Oshawa to Bowmanville, Mayor Ryan highlighted the planned investment in Highway 401 expansion, which, he said “will include the future widening between Brock Road in Pickering through Highway 35/115”.

He said doubling of the annual funds to nearly $2 billion over five years in infrastructure will help with the replacement of the Altona Bridge on the Uxbridge-Pickering Townline Road over Duffins Creek.

He also said investments in education i.e. $14 billion in capital grants over the next 10 years, will support the renewal and expansion of school infrastructure and child care projects province-wdie, including the new Seaton Public and Catholic elementary schools in Pickering.

Investments in healthcare will also have an impact on the region.

The Ontario’s 2022 Budget has been tabled, and will be passed after the upcoming elections.

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