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17-year old does 124 in 60 community safety zone

Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) yesterday issued a call to slow down after a couple of speeding cases were caught on radar in school and community zones.

Two of the cases occurred in Clarington, with the first on Courtice Road and Bloor Street. A driver was clocked doing 90 kms. “It’s a school zone & 60km zone! Slow Down!” said a police tweet.

Another driver was caught doing 67km in a 40km zone on Coldstream, in front of a school.

DRPS officers are educating motorists and enforcing laws to keep our roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists by implementing a broad strategy like #durhamvisionzero.

In another incident on June 9 at around 8:45 pm, a 17-year old was clocked doing 124 kmh in a posted 60 community safety zone in Whitby. The G2 driver was charged, the car impounded and licence suspended for seven days.

DRPS said Community safety Zones are 24|7 and aggressive driving will not be tolerated.

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