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55kmh over limit driver was late for a golf game…

Nobody likes being late, and this driver was no exception. Golfing buddies were presumably waiting on the green, and the enthusiast was still on the road.

The golfer stepped on the gas – and got caught by vigilant Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) officers.

DRPS East Division yesterday tweeted: 105 kmh in a 50 kmh zone = 55 kmh over.

“The reason? Late for a golf game”.

It quoted the officer as saying the driver passed a pickup with a trailer on a no-pass solid line on a curve, wet pavement and approaching oncoming traffic.

The result: 30-day suspension and 14-day impound on a charge of Stunt Driving.

The incident took place in Clarington on Concession Road 7 and Townline Road.

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