Regional Councillor Granville Anderson batting at the opening celebration of Clarington’s first municipal cricket pitch.

Clarington celebrates opening of first cricket pitch

The Municipality of Clarington celebrated the opening of the first municipal cricket pitch at Courtice Memorial Park last Friday.

In response to the impassioned requests from residents, Clarington Council voted to support the development of outdoor cricket play, and staff collaborated closely with the community to make the facility a reality.

Last summer, a temporary solution was attempted by partnering with a local school board to offer a temporary cricket pitch overlay in a Courtice schoolyard. However, it became evident that this stop-gap measure did not adequately address the requirements of the local cricket players, said a municipal statement.

To ensure the success of Courtice Memorial Park as a cricket facility, the municipality urges residents to use Courtice Leash-Free Dog Park, just three kilometres away on the east side of the South Courtice Arena at 1595 Prestonvale Road, Courtice. Off-leash dogs are prohibited on all Clarington sports fields to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the sports fields, promoting a pleasant experience for athletes, children, and adults alike.

The cricket pitch was completed in early July and has been recently opened for players to book. There has been great interest from multiple cricket clubs that are keen to reserve match times at the new facility.

“I am thrilled to announce that Clarington’s first cricket pitch is open. Members of the community stepped forward with needs that we weren’t aware of, and their engagement led to the creation of this pitch. Clarington remains committed to fulfilling the recreational needs of our rapidly changing and diverse community, and I am delighted by the tremendous interest shown by the enthusiastic groups of new cricket players who are eager to use the new pitch,” said Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster.

Clarington, in partnership with local cricket clubs, unveiled its first municipal cricket pitch.
Clarington, in partnership with local cricket clubs, unveiled its first municipal cricket pitch.

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