Heat wave and two Durham beaches are unsafe for swimming

Whitby: Test results for the week of July 2 at Durham beaches indicate that two beaches have been posted as unsafe for swimming due to elevated bacteria levels.

Beaches are posted as unsafe for swimming when elevated levels of E. coli exceed the provincial standard.

*Due to high water levels and debris in the area, the Health Department will delay beach sampling at Lakeview Beach West, Oshawa. The Health Department will continue to monitor access to this beach in the coming weeks and begin normal sampling when the area is considered safe.

The Health Department reminds the public not to swim in beach water for at least 48 hours after heavy rainfall, as bacteria levels can increase due to run-off.

Throughout the summer, the Health Department conducts bacteriological water tests to determine if these beaches are safe for swimming. The Public Health Ontario Laboratory in Peterborough provides analysis of all water samples submitted for testing.

Heat Warning issued for Friday and Saturday – updated

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