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Here is a list of the best multiplayer online games

It is impossible to imagine the gaming world without multiplayer games. They exert a great fascination for enthusiasts. Today, one cannot imagine the gaming market without this genre. Above all else, multiplayer gaming offers a strong feeling of connectivity and togetherness.

Many factors ensure that multiplayer games become much more interesting, lively and exciting than when you play a game alone. Just as exciting as a multiplayer game is a visit to an online casino. Here you can easily bridge a break in the game, for example, if you are still waiting for members for a party in Call of Duty or other games. The Casino Online Ontario has compiled a list of the best online casinos that can be played in Ontario. There you can find the best slots. We present the best multiplayer online games here.


Fortnite is clearly one of the most popular multiplayer games. This is a Free2Play that can be played on almost all platforms. Therefore, it is naturally extremely easy to play together with friends to your heart’s content. Ultimately, every player can use the device of their choice here. Whether it’s the cell phone, PC, Xbox or Playse, everything is possible here. The legendary Battle Royale mode makes for especially fun gameplay here. Armed with a pickaxe, up to 100 players simultaneously jump from a flying bus into an arena. There, it’s all about survival. Here you have to collect new weapons, fight opponents and fend off attacks. It’s excellent to arrange an evening game with your friends, since the battles aren’t that long. However, of course, here you can not only play together with friends, but also it is possible to compete against the other 250 million registered users.


Set in a bizarre and distant future, this loot shooter is a warrior called “Tenno”. The warrior returns after a millennium of exile. In the meantime, everything has changed. The entire planetary system is in chaos and decay. But fortunately there is Tenno, a space ninja with superpowers and weapons. With up to three players, you have to fight your way through closed areas and large, open worlds. In the game you can always find new loots, which ensure that you can unlock more Warframe combat suits and better weapons or upgrade existing ones. With these powerful battle suits, you can then defeat the enemy aliens. What sounds so simple, however, requires a bit of stamina, because the gameplay is quite complex. But once you get the hang of it, Warfame is perfect for an online game session with friends. Here, everyone can transform into a superhero thanks to the different battle suits. In this game, you don’t compete against each other so much as against the aliens, so you can wonderfully strengthen friendly bonds from a distance. Here the motto is: only together we are strong.


Who doesn’t miss them, the common game evenings with friends, where you competed against each other in FIFA? Here the discussions in the community were about the poor defense of the opponent. But now the excellent online modes of the game offer the possibility to pursue this pleasure even spatially separated from each other. Furthermore, it is also possible to compete against other teams together with your friends. A real highlight is the fantastic soccer stadium atmosphere of the online game.

Destiny 2

In this science fiction scenario, each player takes on the role of a guardian of the last city on Earth, which must be protected at all costs. Destiny 2 is especially popular not so much because of the basic idea, but mainly because this game offers an ingenious mix of the best elements of different game genres. On the one hand, it is a multiplayer online game that can be played by many people at the same time. On the other hand, it is also possible to team up with just your friends for missions. So this is both a flawless loot shooter and an excitingly told story. There is something for every player and you can have a great game to experience adventures together with friends.

The Elder Scrolls Online

When it comes to seeking refuge in an ingenious fantasy world, The Elder Scrolls Online is an absolutely perfect game. On the fictional continent of Tamriel, you have to fight as a warrior against a god-like demon creature. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to form alliances and join forces with other players. This way, various quests can be completed in the group. This is one of the best multiplayer games, with a huge fantasy world, lots of group content and an elaborate story.

GTA Online

In the gaming world, the Grand Theft Auto series is an absolute milestone in the game console cosmos. Especially GTA V has convinced with its infinite possibilities in a spectacular open world. Various video game records have been broken here in the meantime. The online version follows on seamlessly from this. It makes it possible to plan heists in a team with friends. Here you have chases through the city. Later, you can gamble away the looted money together in the casino. The game offers pleasant variety thanks to the extremely large number of possibilities.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

The Call Of Duty series is a classic first-person shooter. The game has built up a decent legacy in almost two decades. But especially the current part offers a lot of possibilities due to its many multiplayer modes. This guarantees that you can have a really great time together with friends. Especially the Gunfight mode, a 2vs2 format with fights in a very small space, is so much fun. Even though the fights are very short, they are extremely intense.

League of Legends (LOL)

Here the player is offered a huge pool of characters, from which you can then choose your personal champion. The characters are then equipped with unique stats and skills. With up to four other players in your own team, the game begins against the other teams. In order to be able to conquer the enemy’s base at the end, you have to destroy the enemies’ fortifications. This is best accomplished with the help of AI-controlled servant creatures and clever use of skills. In the course of the game, the chosen character also gets stronger and gets additional abilities. LOL also offers a lot of tournaments for the fans, so that they can compete under real competition conditions.

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