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Major funds infusion for Lakeridge Health, Whitby Library

The Government of Ontario announced more support – $7.41 million – to Lakeridge Health for 2023-24 through two significant investments.

Lakeridge Health will receive $114,595 through the Surgical and DI Innovation and Efficiency Program and another $7.3 million as part of the Alternative Levels of Care (ALC) and Patient Flow Initiatives, according to a press statement.

It explained that the Surgical and DI Innovation and Efficiency Program is an application-based fund that supports innovative solutions, tailored to local need, to boost surgical capacity. Through this fund, the government has invested nearly $1 billion over three years and returned the surgical wait list to below pre-pandemic levels across the province.

Ontario is also investing over $7 million into Lakeridge Health through Alternative Levels of Care (ALC) and Patient Flow Initiatives. Patients who are designated ALC are usually waiting for a place elsewhere in the health ystem that provides the type of restorative, rehabilitative and supportive care they need.

A hospital is not a home, and this investment will free up hospital beds so that people waiting for surgeries can get them sooner, ease pressures on crowded emergency departments by admitting patients sooner and will reduce ALC cases and support patient flow from Lakeridge Health to more appropriate settings in the Region of Durham, such as a long-term care homes, the statement said.

“Our government is continuing to take bold, decisive action to build a health care system that provides Ontarians with the right care, in the right place,” said Sylvia Jones, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, “With this new investment in Lakeridge Health, our government is ensuring patients in the Durham region can continue to connect to the care they need, close to home, for years to come.”

$250,000 gift for Whitby Library

Whitby Public Library announced that an anonymous donation of $250,000, made possible by Durham Community Foundation, will allow the library to expand digitization of its growing archival collection.

“We deeply appreciate the anonymous donor family’s desire to continue the work in the archives to make the story of our community accessible for generations to come,” said Geoff Anderson, Chair of the Whitby Public Library Board. “The Library’s Archives are important to preserving Whitby’s history. Our historical photograph and newspaper database receive over 64,000 page views per year. Newspapers and tax assessment rolls are also in high demand.”

This donation of $250,000 over five years will allow the library to grow its popular research collection and will enhance our community’s engagement with the town’s past.

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