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Officers grab man before he could jump in front of train

Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) officers have been cited as Durham Heroes several times – and the beautiful part is that all the heroic work they do is in the line of everyday duty.

One such incident happened earlier this month when an apparently distresssed man was saved from jumping in front of an oncoming train by alert officers.

In the early morning hours of January 23, two constables from the East Division were on general patrol in the area of Harmony Road and Bloor Stree in Oshawa when they noticed a man standing on the west side of the bridge, said a police statement released on Friday.

He was leaning toward the railing looking down at the train tracks.

The officers yelled out to the man if he needed help. The man, who had both his hands on the guard rail, did not respond. Officers then exited the cruiser and approached the man at the same time an eastbound train was arriving.

The constables grabbed the man before he was able to jump, and brought him to safety.

“Taking care of your mental health. It is as crucial as any physical wellness routine. Don’t hesitate to reach out for support if you need it. Your well-being matters, and there’s strength in asking for help,” police said in a general advisory to the public.

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