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Trying to get away with expired permit of deceased person

Some people do some hard thinking on how to hoodwink police and try to get away with it?

This Durham driver (image above) thought they had an ingenious way to make life easy and comfortable for themselves at the expense of more needy persons and, of course, the law.

They used a handicapped parking permit to be able to park in favoured spots at public spaces.

However, the eagle eyes of the Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) East Division officers caught a couple of discrepancies.

Not only was this permit expired, it had been issued for someone that has since passed away, said the police.

It said under the Highway Traffic Act Sec 27(1)(b) Illegally Display Accessible Parking Permit, fines start at $500.

Festive Ride arrest

DRPS Traffic Services said the first arrest for impaired of the night occurred during one of the strategic #RIDE23 checkpoints on Saturday.

This driver (below) is now facing criminal charges, impounded vehicle and suspended licence. No further details were released.

It’s never worth it, the police pointed out.


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