Work on Uxbridge pedestrian safety starts May 25

In support of Durham Vision Zero, a strategic road safety action plan, the Region of Durham will be implementing leading pedestrian intervals for the existing traffic lights at Main Street and Toronto Street in the Township of Uxbridge.

When: May 25. Unfavourable weather conditions may influence the work schedule.

Where: The intersection of Main Street and Toronto Street in Uxbridge.

Why: The leading pedestrian intervals will improve pedestrian safety by allowing pedestrians to enter the intersection five seconds before vehicles receive a green indication signal. This enhancement allows pedestrians to have a greater presence and advance visibility in the crosswalk reinforcing their right-of-way over turning vehicles.

Note: Minor traffic disruptions are anticipated while crews implement the new safety improvements. Drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians are reminded to exercise additional caution for everyone’s safety.

Durham Vision Zero is a long-term, multi-agency strategy to create safer roads for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Learn more at

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