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Alternate lands set aside for new community development

The City of Oshawa is earmarking an area for a sizeable new community development in North Oshawa if lands are not required for schools or other civic amenities.

A By-law adopting amendment to the City of Oshawa Official Plan was passed by the city council on January 29.

The amendment permits the lands generally located east of Harmony Road North, south of Greenhill Avenue to be used for Low Density Residential, Medium Density I Residential and Medium Density II Residential uses in the event the lands are not required for a secondary school or another community use, said a city statement.

It said the effect of the By-law is to permit a secondary school and other community uses such as elementary schools, private schools, assembly halls, clubs, children’s shelters, churches and day care centres subject to a special zoning regulation related to permitting increased building height.

Single detached dwellings, street townhouses, apartment buildings, long term care facilities, retirement homes and block townhouses would also be permitted as alternative uses subject to special zoning regulations related to minimum front and exterior side yard depths, maximum lot coverage and building heights, and encroachment into the front yard and exterior side yard for unenclosed porches and steps if the subject site is not developed for a secondary school or other community uses, the city said.

The map below shows the location of the lands to which By-law 14-2024 applies.

The lands to which this Zoning By-law Amendment applies are also subject to an application for an Official Plan Amendment (File B-3100-0174)

This is a key map showing the location of the lands to which By-law 14-2024 applies

A copy of the Official Plan Amendment and any background material is available to the public for inspection in the Economic and Development Services Department (8th Floor, Rundle Tower) at City Hall.

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