File image of former MP Erin O 'Toole

By-election date for Durham MP seat before January 30

Elections Canada has clarified that the date of the by-election for the vacant Durham Parliament seat has to be announced before January 30.

“As per the federal seat vacant in Durham the date of the by-election must be announced by January 30, 2024,” it said in response to an inquiry by Durham resident, Jim McEwan.

Elections Canada said a seat in the House of Commons becomes vacant if the member of Parliament (MP) resigns or passes away. Former MP and Leader of Opposition, Erin O’Toole, resigned in spring to spend more time with his family. He had spent more than a decade in politics.

When a vacancy occurs, the Governor in Council must issue an order calling a by-election between the 11th day and 180th day after the vacancy occurs, explained Elections Canada.

The order will direct the Chief Electoral Officer to issue a writ and fix both the date for the issue of the writ and the date for voting, it added.

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