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Clarington earmarks $20mn for outdoor skate rink/trail

The Municipality of Clarington said due to a significant increase in construction costs, Clarington Council has voted to pause plans for the South Bowmanville Recreation Centre.

In the 2022 budget, there was $61 million earmarked to expand the Bowmanville Indoor Soccer facility into a state-of-the-art recreation facility. However, construction cost increases led to a new cost estimate of $134 million, and the plan for the new recreation facility is being paused, said a council statement.

It said for now, the council has asked staff to create a plan for a new outdoor refrigerated skating surface (trail and/or pad), not to cost more than $20 million of the funds earmarked for the South Bowmanville Recreation Centre. The location of the new rink is still to be identified.

The South Bowmanville Recreation Centre project will be paused until the Clarington Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plans are completed to help determine what should be built based on the financial constraints.

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