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Clarington one step closer to its climate goals

Clarington claims to have reached another milestone on its journey to reduce corporate greenhouse gas emissions and reach its climate goals.

By implementing the Clarington Corporate Climate Action Plan, the municipality has reached milestone four in the Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) Program five-step milestone framework, said a statement.

Clarington joined the PCP network made up of Canadian municipal governments in 2019. The network is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and taking action on climate change.

“In Clarington, we are making significant progress as we prioritize climate action and take concrete steps to mitigate our impact on the environment,” said Doran Hoge, Energy and Climate Change Response Coordinator.

As a partner in the program, the municipality has committed to progressing through the five-step Milestone Framework outlined below:

  • Milestone 1 — Create a baseline emissions inventory and forecast
  • Milestone 2 — Set emissions reduction targets
  • Milestone 3 — Develop a local action plan
  • Milestone 4 — Implement the local action plan
  • Milestone 5 — Monitor progress and report results

“We are excited to work on the next milestone as we monitor our progress and report results. We will continue to make changes in our operations to minimize our environmental footprint and help mitigate the harmful effects of climate change,” added Doran Hoge.

Clarington is among over 450 municipal governments across Canada that are part of the PCP program and have taken a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Partners for Climate Protection program is managed and delivered by the Federation of  Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI Canada).

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