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Durham identifying centres for mass vaccinations

The Region of Durham has been investigating locations in each municipality for accessible, mass vaccination centres, according to Ajax Mayor Shaun Collier.

No timeline of when this would be implemented has been revealed.

“Right now, teams across Canada are working to ensure our most vulnerable are vaccinated. As vaccination begins to ramp up and looks to include a broader set of demographics, the Region of Durham has been investigating locations in each municipality for accessible, mass vaccination centres,” Mayor Collier told members of the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade at the 2021 Mayors’ Address.

“In Ajax, this will likely be the Audley Recreation Centre. While I have not been given any indication about specific timelines, we will be ready to ramp up as soon as we get the word,” he said.

He said mass vaccinations will allow more people to get back to work, and to visit local small business establishments in person. “However, new information suggests that vaccines may not offer full protection from newly discovered variants, and I encourage you to continue following the 3 Ws – washing your hands, watching your distance, and wearing a mask.”

Mayor Collier congratulated APBOT members for pivoting, going digital, re-imagining service delivery and surviving. “I have never been more proud of our Ajax community. I want you to know that Ajax Council and staff value your business, and value everything that your business brings to Ajax and the Durham Region as a whole – unique goods and services, employment, tax dollars, support for other local businesses, the feeling of community, and so much more.

“We are continually exploring new ways to support our businesses – in partnership with upper levels of government, local groups, and your Board of Trade – and we welcome your feedback. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team to help us identify gaps and advocate for the conditions that will allow business to thrive,” he said.

Ajax Planning and Economic Development teams have been working to ensure that the town is continually moving forward in spite of the challenges posed by Covid-19.”We are focused on getting shovels in the ground, and lending our voices to conversation around what stimulus might look like as upper levels of government prepare for recovery measures. The more successful our local business community, the faster our community will bounce back as a whole,” said Mayor Collier.


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