Kyle Mufti on it and local business owner Harley G

Fundraiser organised to help local restaurants

I’ve attached an image with our CEO Kyle Mufti on it and local business owner Harley G. I also have other images of cheques being handed out to local businesses by one of our staff and can send those over as well. The fundraiser deadline has been extended until January 1 due to how well it has been going and to help raise further awareness.

A local fundraiser event put on by North American Concrete in conjunction with Harley G’s, ended on January 1.

North American Concrete has already written cheques to more than 20 small businesses in the Oshawa area many of which are in turn donating meals back to the community over the holidays.

“We’re ecstatic to have reached $22,240 in donations so far, it’s wonderful to see it helping the Oshawa community in these tough times,” said Kyle Mufti, CEO of North American Concrete, ahead of Christmas. “Our goal was to reach $30,000, I have no doubt that this collaboration with Harley G’s will help us make that possible.”

Final figures have not yet been released.

Restaurant owners are some of the hardest hit in our community with Covid continuing to close businesses by the day. That was incredibly clear after delivering cheques throughout the neighbourhood to local businesses trying to stay afloat. These businesses are pivotal to the community and every day lives and yet, there’s not nearly enough done to help them make it through. We are also encouraging other companies and regions to join us in this effort, said Mufti.


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