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Traffic Tales: What’s wrong with this image, ask police + more

It not just the roads of Durham that our stalwarts from the DRPS Traffic Services monitor to keep safe. They also take care of safety on the water.

But sometimes they come across people who are out to have fun and may not have thought of it. One such incident happened on Lake Scugog yesterday.

“Many things wrong with this picture [above],”said the police.

“Our Marine Unit was out on Lake Scugog today [ June 4] when they came across this overloaded vessel with open alcohol,” they said.

Police said numerous charges were laid.

“Be safe on the water. Don’t drink and boat! ” they added.

Good Deed of the Day

Not all work that traffic officers do is to do with monitoring traffic and keeping the roads safe for residents. Many a times, they help other species too.

North Division Officers helped this little turtle (image below) cross Island Road in the Township of Scugog last Saturday morning.


Seatbelts Matter

DRPS West Division emphasized that you matter and your passengers matter.

This driver (image below) was stopped by officers on Sunday after driving by first responders without slowing or moving over at the earlier collision.

The motorist was found to also have children not properly secured – please ensure your passengers are buckled up, police said.


Insecure Load

In Clarington, DRPS  East Division officers yesterday  caught this driver (image below) with an insecure load.

They pointed out that the bundle of boards wasn’t secured together and the rope holding the trunk was loose.

“Having the boards pushed up into the middle console and holding it does not make it any better or safer! Ensure the load is safe and secure, and add a flag,” police advised.

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