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Traffic Tales: Heavy equipment truck driver on phone + more

Weekend or not, Durham Police officers are out patrolling the roads and ensuring safety of travellers.

But then there are those who insist on defying rules. One such was the driver of a heavy equipment vehicle who was caught by DRPS North Division officers for distracted driving.

The person was talking on their cell phone while driving in Port Perry on Friday.

The fine is $615 and 3 or 6 demerit points. Please don’t drive while holding or using a hand-held communication device, police said.

Overtaking at rail crossing

DRPS Traffic Services yesterday said it probably is not a great idea to pass our Marine Unit truck at a railway crossing.

This driver (image below) received a charge for drive left of centre within 30 meters of a railway crossing.

“Be patient. Drive safe,” police said.

Window tint

North Division officers charged this driver (image below) for window tint.

Learn more about window tint laws at


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