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Municipalities plead for patience – and more time

Municipalities across Durham have been on a war footing for the past 36 hours to clear the snow-bound region and return life to a normal winter day.

But the 55-plus centimetres of snow that was dumped on Durham is making it difficult, and municipalities have been pleading for patience and more time.

“Our operators are still experiencing challenges and difficulties due to the sheer volume of snow,” said a notice from the Town of Ajax.

“Heavy snowfall and parked cars have impacted recent snow clearing operations. Please be patient and exercise caution on the roads while our crews work to clear the snow,” said a notice from the City of Pickering.

“With an unprecedented 55cm of snow in under 24 hours, staff have been working through the night and early morning to finish clearing primary and secondary roads…cars parked in the street will slow down and can prevent snowplows and other equipment from getting through. If possible, move all parked vehicles off of roads,” said a Whitby notice.

Ajax said: “Our plows are still on the roads and making good progress. They will be out until 11:30 pm tonight…our crews will be back out in the morning to continue clearing these vital links.

It said the Senior’s Snow Program will resume again in the morning. It is anticipated that the program will take up to three days to complete,” Ajax said adding: “Our plow map remains offline, we will share when it’s back up and running. We know we say this often, but we truly thank you for your patience as we continue our clean-up operation.”

Clarington said with some 50+ centimetres of snowfall, snow clearing has lasted longer. “We appreciate your patience and the fact that residents are helping each other…we know this is taking longer than expected, and we appreciate that residents are frustrated. Our crews have been at it and working hard since 4 am. Please be patient. Thank you!”

Township of Scugog also asked everyone for patience as “we dig out from approximately 50cm of snow that fell yesterday”.

It said crews were out in full force clearing snow. However, due to the amount of snow, it is taking much longer than normal for crews to complete snow clearing operations for both roads and sidewalks…the removal of snowbanks in the downtown, courts and parking lots will take additional time and will depend on the weather.

The township said it was receiving calls from many seniors who were unable to clear their snow and were looking for assistance. “If you are able, please reach out to your neighbours and help if you can. And while we all hate windrows left behind by plows, unfortunately we do not have the resources to remove them. So again, please help those that are unable to clear their windrows. We appreciate your patience and kindness during this time. This is the largest storm we have had in years and everyone is doing their best to get the roads and sidewalks cleared as quickly as possible,” it added.


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