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No respect for stop signs… or even school crossings

Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) officers yesterday reported several violations of the stop sign rule, even in areas where there were school crossings.

Ignoring construction workers and speeding continued too.

“Stop signs are for everyone’s safety,” said officers from DRPS East Division, while reporting yet another driver rolling through a stop sign in a school zone (top image).

Different intersection, same scenario = not stopping at the stop sign, just rolling on through, they said again a while later (image below).


“Rolling, rolling, rolling…’re supposed to stop,” they said on a third occasion.

They also found yet another vehicle that hadn’t had its registration updated either (image below).


DRPS East Division officers were not lucky a fourth time either.

“Stop! It’s a school zone in a residential neighbourhood. Be sure to come to a full and complete stop,” they said at the below location in Clarington.

23 Tickets

A similar tale was reported by DRPS Traffic Services and DRPS North Division officers. Traffic Services were in Beaverton conducting HTA (Highway Traffic Act) enforcement.

“We had numerous interactions with drivers educating them about school zones.

They handed out 23 tickets.

North Division charged drivers with speeding near schools in North Durham (images below).

One parent failed to stop at a stop sign after dropping their kids at school, they said.

Meanwhile, Durham District School Board (DDSB) said Durham is celebrating ‘Crossing Guard Appreciation Day’ this week, and acknowledging the dedicated work they all perform.

“Thanks for all you do!”

East Division also reported a vehicle traveling 99kmh in a 60km construction zone, with workers present.

Officer locked him in at 97kmh. Driver was 39 over in a construction zone and got a $583 fine and four demerit points (image below).


They also clocked another driver doing 91kmh in a 60km zone (image below).

Slow down. Just 9kmh more and it would have been stunt driving, they said.


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