Members of Oshawa City Council presented the Oshawa Culture Counts Awards to this year’s recipients at the May 27 City Council meeting.

Oshawa Culture Counts Awards presented

The City of Oshawa recently announced the winners for its annual Oshawa Culture Counts Awards.

The program, which was launched in November 2017, aims to recognize and celebrate the creative and cultural contributions of the community.

The awards were presented on May 27 by the Oshawa City Council to the winners of three categories:

  1. Professional Artist,
  2. Emerging Artist, and
  3. Innovation and Creation Champion.

The Oshawa Culture Counts Professional Artist Award has been awarded to Oshawa artist Amy Shackleton, in recognition of their outstanding creativity, originality, professional maturity and leadership in the arts community.

Emily Rocha and Kalista Wilson were selected to receive the Oshawa Culture Counts Emerging Artist Award, which recognizes emerging artists between the ages of 12- to 30-years old or have begun their artistic practice within the past five years. The award encompasses all arts disciplines recognizing those that are skilled and determined to advance their artistic capabilities and leverage these skills to inspire and enrich the lives of fellow citizens, said a city statement.

The third award goes to Oshawa Tourism for the Innovation and Creation Champion Award. This award is presented to individuals, collectives or organizations in the creative and cultural industries who have made significant contributions to creating or improving an event, product, program or partnership in the past year.

“In Oshawa’s vibrant cultural landscape, your talents and dedication shine brightly. Congratulations to this year’s Culture Counts Award winners, your commitment to nurturing our artistic soul is truly commendable,” said Mayor Dan Carter.

Award winners

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