Wage subsidy concerns forwarded to Ottawa

Concerns expressed by Oshawa businesses over the 75 per cent federal wage subsidy and $40,000 loan have been forwarded to Ottawa, according to by Oshawa Downtown BIA.

“Many of you have written to us regarding the restrictions surrounding the federal wage subsidy and the $40,000 government loan. We have addressed those concerns with MP Colin Carrie, and he has written a letter to the Minister of Finance while also conveying these conversations to other cabinet members before parliament votes on the legislation,” said a statement issued by the BIA.

“We will ensure a copy of that letter is sent to you in the near future. Please send along any other challenges you are facing so that we can bring them to the correct people,” it added.

“As for safety concerns, I spoke to the Durham Regional Police, and please remember to follow their tips and tricks below on how to keep your property safe. Continue to send us any challenges you are facing, as we connect with them daily,” said BIA Executive Director Amanda.

She said the downtown will be “ready to go” for when it opens back up.

“In the coming days, you will see banners being replaced and planters removed – all of these individuals will be social-distancing from the public on the sidewalk, wearing PPE, and will be working in groups of two. More than likely, you will not notice them, as they will be working either early in the morning or late at night. Durham Regional Police is aware of these individuals,” she said adding, “Stay safe everyone!”



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