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Police release video of how ‘Roo Emy May’ was secured

Over the past few days, the escaped kangaroo has hopped into the hearts of many – all hoping for her safe return. She has been rescued safely (see below).

Now, due to the high level of public interest, Durham Police is releasing the body-worn camera footage.

The entire incident was not recorded – currently officers are not required to activate their cameras for interactions with kangaroos as per the DRPS directive (currently under roo-view). This camera recording of the kangaroo was triggered when the she nudged one of the responding officers, explained the police.

These officers went above and beyond ‘roo-tine’ duty in securing the kangaroo. She was returned to the zoo and will make a full recovery.

According to zoo officials, the little roo’s name in unknown. Since this little joey took a ride in one of the K9 vehicles, police have decided to make her an honorary member of the K9 Unit and find her a fitting ‘unofficial name’.  Combining the names of the two officers who rescued her, DRPS welcomes Police Service ‘Roo’ Emy May.

After three days on the lam, DRPS officers managed to secure her after receiving a call about a kangaroo sighting. They “tailed” her for nearly an hour before they managed to get close enough to grab her tail and secure her.

Fortunately, officers had a crash course in kangaroo and were made aware that grabbing her by the tail was the safest, most effective way to secure her. What else did they learn?

  • Kangaroos are the largest marsupials on Earth and can reach heights from between 3-8 feet and can weigh between 40 and 200 pounds
  • Comfortable hopping speed is 20-25kmh but speeds of up to 70kmh can be attained over short distances
  • They are more active at night
  • They’re left-handed
  • Some can hop 25 feet
  • They use their tails as a fifth leg – grabbing it by the tail is the safest way to “catch” it

Kangaroo rescued by ‘roo-tine’ patrol to be sent to Quebec soon

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